Saturday, February 2, 2008


If anyone is still unconvinced about the moral degeneracy of Islamic fundamentalists, the latest suicide bombings in Iraq should lay those doubts to rest. Islamic fascists strapped explosives to two women with Downs Syndrome. The subsequent blasts killed nearly 80 people. It is hard to conjure up a more vile act. Someone please name me another religion that has recently strapped explosives to mentally handicapped individuals for the purpose of killing innocent men, women and children...I didn't think you could.

For decades the automobile has been the bane of radical environmentalists and Greenies of all stripes, including Al Gore, Ralph Nader and Bill Clinton. They see the family car has the embodiment of corporate greed and capitalist excess and crass materialism, not to mention a defiler of nature. For them the solution is obvious. Dump the oil burners in favor of electric cars. It's that simple. The only reason we don't, we are told, is because of a conspiracy of those evil oil companies. Let's put aside the paranoid conspiracy theories and deal with scientific fact. The reason we're not all driving electric cars is because Detroit (and Japan and Germany)have been unable to perfect the technology. The batteries are heavy, cumbersome, in need of frequent recharging, and unable to generate sufficient speeds. Lithium-ion batteries--the kind that power laptops and other accessories--looked like the solution. That is, until those laptops began to catch fire because of the batteries. Not quite the safety and security required for those soccer moms driving minivans filled with kids.There is a lesson to be learned from all this. Beware of those who clamor for ends without means. Leftists would have us snap our fingers and presto! We would be living in a world of alternative energy. Never mind the tiny problem of how we get there and how we acheive this goal. They demand the ends without ever considering the means. That kind of mindset is the hallmark of the anti-intellectual.

The Mississippi state legislature is considering a bill that would make it a crime for restaurants to sell food to obese people. Talk about your nanny state. What has this country sunk to when the government outlaws feeding people? How is a restaurant owner to determine who is or is not obese? Will they need a scale at the front of their establishment? How about a tape measure to measure waist size as you enter? How about this for a law? Any legislator deemed to be obese must immediately resign his or her fat ass from office.

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