Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Now that Super Tuesday, 2008 has been relegated to the history books, it is time to lay to rest the myth of America being a racist nation. Barack Obama won 13 of the 21 states in question and is now neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in the all important delegate count. Exit polls showed that Obama garnered 80% of the Black vote--certainly no surprise; but exit polls also showed that he received the majority of white male votes--the very group that is typically cast as the most racist. In truth, the African American community, as well as leftists, love to characterize white Americans as racist, bigoted, white supremist rednecks. We are constantly told about the huge racial divide in this country and how racism permeates every institution. If this were true, then Barack Obama would have been soundly defeated on Super Tuesday. In fact, if white Americans were the racists we are constantly being told we are, Obama wouldn't even have gotten this far. He would have remained a mere blip on the political radar screen and forgotten months ago. Instead, he has a genuine shot at being the very first African American presidential candidate of a major political party in our history. Win or lose, the fact that he has gotten this far is proof enough that the hairshirt of racism that this country seems to wear with sado-machochistic glee should now be shed. Martin Luther King would be proud. We finally have become a color-blind nation.

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