Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have to vent. Something has happened to our language over the past couple of decades. Call it dumbing down, call it carelessness, call it plain idiocy. What's my gripe? It's our abuse of the word "fun." Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten how to properly use it, whether it's a verb or noun. For example check out the following sentence:
My trip to Disney world was the funnest vacation I ever had?
Funnest? There's no such goddamn word in the English language; yet I have heard kids and adults use it, I have heard talk show hosts and journalists use it.
Then there is this abuse:
How fun was your trip to Disneyworld?
How fun? Are you illiterate? There should be a modifier in there. The correct sentence should read: How MUCH fun did you have at Disneyworld?

Our society and culture have come to a serious crossroads when even college educated adults use bad grammar. I am sure my old high school English teachers must be turning over in their graves at these inexcusable abuses.

Please, unless you have just been smuggled across the border by a coyote in the back of a U Haul van, use proper English. Words are communication. Words express our thoughts and feelings.When language is corrupted, communication is disrupted; and when communication is disrupted, civilization and culture perish.

How fun is that?