Sunday, January 6, 2008


Before all the supporters of Obama and Huckabee start making plans to attend the inauguration, and before the supporters of Clinton and Romney seek out Jack Kevorkian to end their despair, please note the following: In 1992 Tom Harkin grabbed 71% of the vote in the Iowa Democratic caucas, while Bill Clinton garnered an anemic 3%. We know how that ended up. Ronald Reagan lost the Republican primary in New Hampshire in 1980, as did Walter Mondale in 1984. The fact is, the game isn't won or lost in the first inning. There is still a lot of b.s. to be slung, backs to be stabbed, reputations to be sullied and lies and half-truths to be told. Truth is, not only ain't it over till it's over, it ain't over even when it's over. That is not the fat lady singing; it is the American electorate screaming for it all to end.

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