Sunday, January 13, 2008


Because this is an election year, even the death of a mountain climber can have political implications. Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the highest peak of Mount Everest, died this past week. While she was first lady,Hillary Clinton stated in an interview that her parents had so much admiration for Hillary and his heroic exploits that they named their daughter after him. Charming story. There's only one problem. Hillary Clinton was born in 1947. Sir Edmund Hillary's famous feat occurred in 1953. Clearly she lied. Did the media take her to task for this obvious falsehood? Of course not. With Hillary's death in the midst of a heated presidential campaign, it hasn't even been raised in any stories or obituaries about the man. Clinton's deliberate misstatement does indicate two things that I don't want in any presidential candidate: She is a teller of falsehoods, and she has an abysmal knowledge of history. Aside from that, she is the perfect candidate.

Speaking of the presidential campaign,the noises we've been hearing since the New Hampshire primary may be a preview of what may be in store if Obama wins the Democrat nomination. During the New Hampshire campaign, both Bill and Hillary attacked Obama, which is exactly what one would expect in a political campaign. But because the recipient of these attacks is black,Al Sharpton and all the racial harpies immediately played the race card and accused the Clintons of being racists and bigots. Does that mean that no one is allowed to criticize Obama lest they be called racists? Is he to be above reproach because of the pigmentation of his skin?
The logical conclusion is that if you don't vote for Obama you're anti-black. If you don't vote for Hillary, you're anti-woman. If you don't vote for Baptist minister Mike Huckabee you're anti-christian. And if you don't vote for Gulianni you're anti- bald men. Pointing out the perceived flaws of your opponent is a valid and legitimate strategy in a political contest. The true test of equality is when everyone is subjected to the same crap.

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