Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Didja Ever Notice...

...Al Gore's winning the Nobel Peace Prize is the equivalent of Lassie winning an Oscar for best actress (or actor, since Lassie is actually a he, which would make him the first gender-bending actor in films. Oh, those Hollywood types.) the Southern California fires are being blamed on Global Warming. Shows you how stupid Smoky the Bear was. He blamed fires on people being careless with matches. Does a bear shit in the woods when its burning? Just thought I'd ask.

...due to long production time lines, Hollywood is finally releasing anti-Iraq films, like Rendition, and Lions For Lambs, all of which portray our military in a negative light, making one think that most of our soldiers are murderers and rapists. Could it be because Iraq is viewed as President Bush's war, and the war of the Republican Party? By contrast, do you recall the film, BLACKHAWK DOWN, released several years ago? That was the film about our military action in Somolia. In that movie, our military was portrayed as brave and loyal warriors. Maybe that was because that was the war of liberal Democrat president, Bill Clinton. Apparently when there's a Republican in the White House, only murders and rapists enlist.

...Congressman Pete Stark, Democrat from California, finally apologized for implying that our military in Iraq were killing innocent women and children...I forgot. It's a Republican President's war. that Dumbledore has been outed as gay, how long will it be before Harry Potter is revealed to be Dakota Fanning in reverse drag?

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