Monday, December 22, 2008


Never underestimate the hypocrisy of politicians. Ever since the bailout last October, our Congressmen in D.C. have demanded that the institutions receiving the 700 billion dollars in cash inforce certain fiscal disciplines. One of the things demanded of the banks, lending institutions and auto industry bigwigs is that they forego their huge salaries and bonuses in return for the taxpayer money. Given the size of the bailout and the dire economic conditions of these companies, it was not an altogether unreasonable request.

When it comes to taxpayer money, however, the street does not run both ways. Last week our Congressional representitives received a 4.7% salary increase. Given the state of the economy, one might have thought that those same people who lectured and badgered Wall Street CEO's about their bloated salaries would, themselves, refuse to take a bump in pay. Yeah, right. That's as likely as Barbra Striesand inviting the Bushs'to her home for dinner.

Democrat Representitive Harry Mitchell of Arizona even sponsored a bill that would have nullified the automatic pay raise. To no one's amazement, the bill never got out of committee.

If ever one needed proof that our Congressmen are vile, self-serving, repugnant rabble, one has only to look at their check stubs. Sacrifice is what they demand, not what they do.

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