Sunday, May 18, 2008


Imagine this scenario: The oil companies, out of sympathy for the overburdened car owners, declare a gas holiday between Memorial Day and Labor Day and drop the price of a gallon of gas between 10 and 20 cents. Would you be in favor of such a proposal by Big Oil? Of course you would. What possible reason would you have not to approve of this action?

In a recent poll, 60 percent of respondents said they opposed the gas tax holiday proposed by both Senators McCain and Clinton. The only rationale I can think of that would garner such polling results is that 99 percent of those who opposed the idea had recently undergone lobotomies. All of us, rich and poor,are bitching about rising gas prices--and rightfully so. Along comes two powerful senators who offer a temporary, albeit small reprieve from high gas prices and a majority of Americans are against it. HELP ME UNDERTAND THIS THOUGHT PROCESS! Have we become a nation of mush-brained, dumbdowned idiots?

I'm sure most of us recall the old proverb about not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Well, apparently too many of my fellow Americans currently have their heads stuck in the horse's larynx. The major complaint is that this tax holiday is a gimmick and outright pandering. Maybe it is, but so what? Anytime the Feds are willing to relinquish tax dollars is a time for national celebration, especially when this tax break occurs during the busiest driving period of the entire year.

Americans have forgotten. or perhaps never learned one important fact: Taxation is theft. It is the theft of honestly earned wages from the pockets of working people. Taxes are the moral equivalent of a mugging or paying protection money to organized crime. It is the initiation of force against citizens. Don't believe me? Try not paying your taxes for a few years and see what government force is really about.

If you were mugged in a dark alley one night, and the same mugger came to your door the next day to return your money, would you refuse to take it? Neither would I.Afterall, we're not idiots.

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