Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Al Gore says that anyone who doubts global warming is the equivalent of someone who still thinks the earth is flat. In his mind and the minds of all the "climate change" miniions, to disbelieve in the dogma of global warming is sheer heresy, if not outright stupidity. They speak of the scientific "consensus" and how gobal warming is now accepted by all scientists with an IQ higher than an ice cube.

Well, the earth may not be flat, but Al Gore's brainwaves certainly are. The consensus in the scientific community that Gore so often speaks of, upon closer inspection, has little merit. A medical researcher named Dr. Klaus-Martin Schulte studied a total of 528 peer reveiwed papers concerning global warming published between 2004 and 2007. What he discovered blows glacier-sized holes into Al Gore's 'consensus." Of the 528 papers published by scientists, only 45% unequivocally endorsed the theory of global warming.For some reason, Al failed to mention this in his recent "60 Minutes" interview.

So if you are one of those skeptics who is unconvinced the world is coming to an overheated end, you are not alone. Despite what Al Gore tells you, you are in the company of many of the world's most astute scientific thinkers.

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